BP Swimmers

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Most of us heard about natural disaster which caused leakage of crude oil in Gulf of Mexico. Despite the fact that media have tried to cover complete story and to bring us enough information about it, we still cannot imagine how horrible this actually was and will be in future. Probably millions of animals will die because of this oil leakage and some scientist are predicting that this is only beginning since the season of birds migration is yet to come.
oil swimmers 1
Jane Fulton is photographer who got an excellent idea to create a few of photos which could eventually help people to imagine the disastrous consequences of this leakage. She has created a few of photos where a few of models dared to swim and dive in oil.

oil swimmers 2
oil swimmers 3
oil swimmers 4
oil swimmers 5
oil swimmers 6
oil swimmers 7
oil swimmers 8
oil swimmers 9
oil swimmers 10
oil swimmers 11
oil swimmers 12
oil swimmers 13
oil swimmers 14
Well there are few useful things when we talk about swimming in oil, you will definitely get a ‘chocolate tan’ for just a few seconds and also, you can be happy because you are theoretically swimming in a pool full of dollars (because crude oil means dollars, right?). Maybe BP’s CEO should try this, just in case he wants to see what his company did to thousands of poor animals.