Online Driving Simulator by Ferrary Virtual Academy

Monday, 6 September 2010

Ferrari will opens an Online Driving Simulator for all their fans on 9th September. With Ferrari Virtual Academy
now all ferrari big fans will experience drive their F10 single-seater
on this online driving simulator. Well this Online Driving Simulator by
ferrari could be a new breakthrough in racing games in the future.

fans have every reason to celebrate as the brand is to release a new
technologically advanced simulator. The racing enthusiasts and Ferrari
fans can drive their F10 single-seater simulator against each other
online. The simulator will run at the circuits of Fiorano, Mugello and
the Nürburgring. The racing game, Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010, has been
developed with the help of the Scuderia Ferrari engineers and is to
benefit from Ferrari’s own experience and specialty at F1. And, in order
to provide the realistic driving dynamics, each of the tracks was
digitally created with Laser Scan and Motion Capture. The game will be
available to download from September, 2010 and one has to shell out $20
for that. Hit the jump to checkout the game’s official trailer after the

Via : Automotto