Sarah Burge – “The Real Life Barbie”

Monday, 6 September 2010

botoxsarah Sarah Burge has been crowned the most plastic lady by “Guinness Book of World Records”. At 49 years old, Sarah has had over 100 cosmetic surgeries, which is apparently the most anyone has cared to admit to, and has spent $850,000 in her quest to turn back time. Formerly, Cindy Jackson was Guinness’s pick for the most plastic surgeries performed on a person.
Sarah Burge claims to be the “Real Life Barbie”, but I just don’t see it. To me, she just looks like another Orange County soccer mom trying to hold on to what’s left of her looks.
Sarah Burge has undergone the following cosmetic surgeries: rhinoplasty, butt lift, breast implants and liposuction of the face, hips, thighs and jaw line, tummy tuck, eyelid lift, chin implant. Other more minor cosmetic procedures that she has undergone include: teeth whitening, botox, fat injections in her hands, facial fillers, laser skin resurfacing and so on and so forth.

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