The World’s Largest Family of Jugglers

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The 13-member Boehmer family has won a number of awards and have performed all over the United States. They have been captivating audiences with their varied juggling, gymnastics, and unicycling skills for over a decade, and they are still growing.

Being in a large family usually means learning to juggle several tasks at once - making dinner while helping children with homework, bandaging a knee, keeping an eye on the horseplay in the back yard, and lending a caring ear.

However, in addition to normal family life, the Boehmers juggle clubs, rings, torches, balls, and anything else they can get their hands on. It all started 22 years ago with a juggling book, a motel room and a lot of spare time. When his job as a pipeline worker took him away from his wife, Judy, and his 4 children (at the time), he decided to occupy his evenings constructively. 48 year old Larry Boehmer has always been a family man.

"Adam was in the first grade," Judy says. "He came home and said there was a circus at school. Adam wanted to know what his dad could do." This was all the motivation Larry needed. Once this father puts his mind to something he usually finishes it. His children saw him practicing and wanted to join in. Larry and three of the children gave the first family performance at an amusement park in 1989. From there it grew quite unexpectedly. Today they are the largest family of jugglers in the world, and it looks like they will be for a long time.

Name Age Personal Interests
Adam Boehmer 29 Wakeboarding, working out, and his car
Casey Boehmer 25 Basketball, waterskiing, and running
Holly Boehmer 24 Taking her little sisters to the park and eating fast food
Sarah Boehmer 22 Hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, and rollerblading
Keri Boehmer 20 Gymnastics, shopping, and making people laugh
Jonathan Boehmer 18 Football, basketball, and teaching our dog Bosco new tricks
Melissa Boehmer 17 Dancing with her friends, swimming, and rollerblading
Austin Boehmer 14 Shooting his rubber-band gun, basketball, and playing with his friends
Rebecca Boehmer 12 Putting on make-up, and learning new juggling tricks
Elizabeth Boehmer 10 Climbing trees and playing with her sisters
Margaret Boehmer 7 Playing with her "horsies" and watching movies