Top 10 England Goals Ever Scored

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Everyone has there Top 10 here is the best we found and some real
crackers from the past. So sit back enjoy re-live the moments and do
comment below who you think scores the best goal from this mix of top
class goals.

David Beckham v Greece, 2001

being vilified for his sending off against Argentina in 1998, David
Beckham had to wait three years for his redemption. England were behind,
needing a point to qualify, and looked set to miss out on a place at
the World Cup. That is until Beckham stepped up to curve a freekick into
the back of the net. The crowd and the country went berserk.

Geoff Hurst v West Germany, 1966

all seen Geoff finish off West Germany in the World Cup final. Hurst's
strike not only guaranteed victory, but secured Kenneth Wolstenholme his
place in the commentating hall of fame. For a spot of comedy, watch the
German centre half, not the one tracking back, the one who decides that
instead of tackling Sir Geoff, he'd rather linger on the edge of the
penalty area and do nothing. He probably thought it was all over.

David Platt v Belgium, 1990

of my colleagues was unimpressed about the inclusion of this goal until
I pointed out Platt's ballerina-like turn and swivel. England and
Belgium had played out 119 minutes of goalless football in their second
round match at the 1990 World Cup until Platt's strike effectively
sealed the match. As with others on the list its greatness is heightened
by the situation it was scored in.

Alan Shearer v Holland, 1996

demolition of Holland in Euro 96 was undoubtedly the high-point of
Terry Venables' time as England boss. It was a night where just about
everything went the home side's way, with everything they tried coming
off. You have to wait for the third goal in this clip, but it's
definitely worth the wait. Sheringham fakes the shot and squares it to
Shearer who thunders the ball into the top right.

Michael Owen v Argentina, 1998

goal is the quintessential moment for the post Italia 90 generation.
The arch-poacher brilliantly combines speed and control as he homes in
on the Argentinean goal before lifting the ball into the top corner.
Watching it again, it's easy to forget the enormous disappointment that
was to follow.

John Barnes v Brazil, 1984

if infused with the spirit of Brazilian football, John Barnes produced
one of the England's greatest individual goals at the Maracana stadium.
Sadly for Barnes the sheer brilliance of the goal led to fans
castigating him for his failure to produce similar acts of inspiration
throughout the rest of his career.

Paul Gascoigne v Scotland, 1996

still pains me to watch highlights of England's exit to Germany in the
Euro 96 semi-finals � specifically Gazza's agonising stretch as he
failed to get on the end of Shearer's cross. Just 11 days before that
fateful semi-final Gascogine had scored one of the goals of the
tournament, a gorgeous piece of individual skill, which saw him lob the
ball over Colin Hendry before rifling it into the net. Football can be a
cruel sport.

Joe Cole v Sweden, 2006

Cole's goal was the undoubted diamond in the 2006 World Cup dung heap.
England were painfully average throughout the tournament, limping
through until they were knocked out by Portugal. Cole's goal was a
moment of brightness; a beautiful arching shot that gave England briefly
something to shout about.

Alan Shearer v Portugal, 1998

Shearer deserves plenty of praise for this brutal finish against
Portugal in a 1998 friendly, but compliments should also be paid to the
rest of the team. Watch closely as England work the ball in a neat
triangle before Graham Le Saux sprays the ball over the top to the
onrushing David Batty who hooks it into Shearer's path.

Graeme Le Saux v Brazil, 1995

goal makes the cut by virtue that is from a full-back, from all of 30
yards out, and is against Brazil. When you are playing against the best
team in the world who do you expect to step-up and hit a rocket on the
volley? Well certainly not Graeme Le Saux that's for damn sure! Who
would have thought little Graeme had this in his locker? Hitting the
target would have been an achievement, but shooting across the goal and
arching the ball into the top corner is absolutely top notch. Fifth in
this video.