Determined Amputee Boy

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dreaming of Paralympic gold: Sporty amputee boy, 9, has more than 20 artificial legs so he can compete at every event

Nine-year-old Cody McCasland has more than 20 artificial legs so he can take part in all sports and beat his able-bodied friends - despite having his own amputated
The determined boy, who dreams of winning a Paralympic gold, has running, walking and sitting down legs so he can get around - and win at every event.

Cody was born without any tibia or knee bones, and had to have the bottom half of his legs amputated as a toddler.

Sports star: The young athlete regularly beats able-bodied opponents at a variety of sports. He has vowed to win at the Paralympics. He said: 'I definitely will take part one day and win a gold medal.'

But he enjoys a busy schedule of running, swimming, football, ice hockey and other sports and wants to be be a doctor when he is older.

He is one of the fastest nine-year-olds around after having artificial running legs fitted like South African Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius.

His mother Tina McCasland, 38, said: 'Cody has different legs for different occasions. He uses his walking legs every day, for going to school, his stubby legs for sitting down and his running legs for sprints.

'He is really fast and is even winning competitions against children a lot older than him.

'We've always said whatever Cody wants to do, we will do our best to let him have that opportunity. He won't let his disability hold him back.'

Inspirational: Double-amputee Cody McCasland, nine, with all the legs he has had over the years. The boy likes to show his collection off to inspire others with disabilities

Determined: Cody (centre) regularly competes against - and beats - able-bodied athletes in the swimming pool

Cody's selection of legs and a wheelchair from a local hospital in Colleyville, Texas, allow him to take part in a variety of sports.

But he needs to go to the hospital for four hours every week for up to eight weeks while his legs are being made so doctors can make sure the measurements are spot on.

Cody's main love is swimming - where he doesn't use any false legs - and has won gold and silver medals in competitions for children with a range of abilities.

Tina said: 'He loves swimming and has won a lot of competitions. He practices three times a week at an after school club with able bodied children

'They are faster than him as they can use their legs but he likes to push himself to go faster against them.

'It's good practice for him and we always check his time so help him check if he is beating his personal best.'

Blade runner: Cody, here with his mother Tina McCasland, 28, has these legs for running. They are similar to the ones used by Paralympic sprinting world record holder Oscar Postorius

On your marks: Cody in his racing wheelchair and on his runners