Paz de la Huerta Revealing Some Nudity In Public While Changing Out Of A Bikini

Friday, 30 November 2012

Here is actress Paz De La Huerta out of her bikini in a parking lot and showing off her boobs to the paparazzi. Paz de la Huerta was walking around Miami looking a total mess with her tits on display. The life of a model turn actress sure is glamorous. Yes, she is pregnant and smoking, and looking the worse for wear, but there is nothing anyone can do. At
least I think she is pregnant and the bump is not just fat... Along
with the cigarette being a bad idea, don't forget that pesky opiate
habit and/or the booze because the person in these photos is under the
influence some mind altering substance. This is enough for a guy to
regret any erections he got from watching her on "Boardwalk Empire" from that last season. LOL... I don't know if she is now in a competition with Ke$ha for worst body in Hollywood. But with her ass in its current state she is seriously giving Ke$ha a run for her money.