Panoramic photography--stitching together several photos using software like Photoshop or AutoStitch.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Panoramic photography, also known as wide-angle photography is a technique that captures a much wider perspective of the landscape into a photo. It can be done with ultra-wide lenses or by stitching together several photos using software like Photoshop or AutoStitch.

Halong Bay | Alex Stoen
Halong Bay
Panoramic photos can be very beautiful when they are captured correctly because the photo gives you a very complete view of a particular landscape. Here we’ve collected a total of 30 breathtaking panoramic shots taken by photographers all over the world, just to give you an idea how beautiful they type of photos can be.

Panorama River HDR | HDRenesys

Panorama River HDR
Monument Valley | SeptSky
Monument Valley
Paris, Las Vegas Panorama | Acojon
Paris, Las Vegas Panorama
Balluminaria Panoramic |Virginia Wilson
Balluminaria Panoramic
Ir Panorama | Reduasch
Ir Panorama
Night Panorama NYC From Jersey | Eli Mergel
Night Panorama NYC From Jersey
Angels:My Home Team | BigBoyDrums
Angels:My Home Team
Upper West Side NY | Renzsz
Upper West Side NY
KU Football | Rock Chalk Jayhawk Cartographer
KU Football
Sandnes Flakstadoya Lofoten | Sandr
Sandnes Flakstadoya Lofoten
Lower Manhattan | Eli Mergel
Lower Manhattan
Hulu Langat Dam | Nuppy Design
Hulu Langat Dam
Fall in the Park | Ash
Fall in the Park
Upper Cathedral Valley | Caddymob
Upper Cathedral Valle
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City | Olivier Pojzman
Brooklyn Bridge, New York Cit
Prospect Park Boathouse Fall | Eli Mergel
Prospect Park Boathouse Fall
Ice House Lake | Vincentlouis
Ice House Lake
Financial District, New York City | Valerio B
Financial District, New York City
Torre Pendente | Nfilipovic
Torre Pendente
Amager Panorama | Bozack
Amager Panorama
Sunrise | Nzeman
Pyramid Panorama | Tarot Tours
Pyramid Panorama
Island Paradise | John
Island Paradise
Fonteville Monte Carlo| Nfilipovic
Fonteville Monte Carlo
Upper Fall | AndreasResch
Upper Fall
Panorama of Sydney Skyline | IAMSORRY87
Panorama of Sydney Skyline
Dawn Tree | Michael Woodward
Dawn Tree
Oklahoma State Capitol | Wright914
Oklahoma State Capitol
Magura | Vxside