World's Longest Car (Limousine)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

World's Longest Car (Limousine)

The longest limousine built ever in the world is a limousine 100-ft long that was created by Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California. This enormously long car is even in the Guinness Book of World Records now. This limousine rides on 26 tires spaced along the length of its body. It has 2 drivers’ cabins in the front and in the back as it’s really hard to drive such a vehicle. In order the limousine could turn and make turns around corners, its middle part is hinged to fold.

Jay Ohrberg created the longest limousine for exhibition purposes, however this news became a big sensation and many people were dreaming about hiring such a limousine. That’s why Jay provides the limousine for rentals for various functions and events. However the limousine is too long for driving in the streets and technically it’s not quite legal, but with specially trained chauffeurs in both cabins it’s possible.

The longest limousine is equipped much better than many Hollywood mansions, and it’s very popular order for Hollywood movie shootings, exhibitions and special events of nobles. And nobles can get everything they can imagine in such limousine where state of the art luxuries abound. The longest limousine in the world is featuring a heated Jacuzzi tub nestled in the interior, a swimming pool, and a king sized bed, and a sun deck, a helipad and the televisions connected to the limousine’s own satellite dish.

Jay Ohrberg