12 doctors save boy stuck in pressure cooker

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A boy with his head stuck in a pressure cooker saved after a two-hour rescue operation

Kids should stay out of the kitchen they say. Apparently they should also stay away from kitchen utensils. Meet three-year-old Shivam from Rani Bagh area in northwest Delhi. 

Before and after: A team of doctors try to rescue Shivam
After his head got stuck in the cooker. Pic/Mid Day

The child was at home playing with a pressure cooker when his head accidentally got stuck in it. Hearing him crying his father Sanjay rushed Shivam to a hospital and after two hours of painstaking effort, doctors managed to remove the cooker from his head.

Initially doctors at a local nursing home had tried and failed to release Shivam and said they had never seen such a case. Family members then took the boy to Bhagvan Singh Hospital in Pitampura. A team of twelve doctors used equipment like saw, screwdriver etc to rescue the child. A large amount of cotton was used to ensure that the child did not get hurt.