Extravagant Christmas Lights

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Bronx, New York
For more than 30 years, the Garabedian family has decorated their house on Pelham Parkway North with lights and hundreds of animated figurines, many of which rotate to the sounds of holiday music. In addition to the Virgin Mary, St. Theresa and the Savior, the house features more secular "saints" like Nicole Kidman, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Melksham, United Kingdom
Homeowner Alex Goodwind places 115,000 bulbs on his home every year at holiday time to raise money for a local hospice. Last year, donations from visitors totaled £3,000.

Manila, Philippines
The Dalisay family has wrapped their home in Christmas lights every year since 1996.

Baltimore, Maryland
Since 1989, every resident on the 700 block of Baltimore's 34th street has put up Christmas lights. The tradition is locally known as "The Miracle on 34th Street."

Hamburg, Germany
The tradition of elaborate holiday light displays spread from the U.S. to Germany in the 1990s. In many German cities, the Lichterkeen (light-string) enthusiasts offer hot-mulled wine and hot chocolate along with the show.

Bristol, United Kingdom
Bernard and Denise Lumsden raised money for charity by transforming their home into a huge light display every year for two decades until last year, when their electric bill doubled and they were forced to pull the plug on the annual ritual.

Berkshire, United Kingdom
Traffic and crime around Vic Moszcynznski's house increased so dramatically during the holiday season that his neighbors once offered him money to not put up the display. He uses the attraction to raise money for a local charity for bereaved children.

Anhiers, France
The Colson family puts up 60,000 bulbs on their property every year, from September to January. They, too, collect money for charity.

Kelkheim, Germany
Bernhard and Michaela Nermerich have adorned their home with lights and mechanical Santas since 2002.

Melksham, United Kingdom
When asked about the appropriateness of putting up so many lights in tough economic times, homeowner Alex Goodwind, replied, "It would have dampened the mood even more if the lights weren't there."