Trucker was surprise breakfast guest

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A lorry driver who ploughed through a house into the family's kitchen as they sat down to breakfast jumped out of the cab - and asked for a cuppa.
The 51-year-old driver had nodded off at the wheel while motoring through Polichno, Poland, and missed a corner slamming straight into astonished mum-of-two Agnieszka Kuchalsk's home.

"There was a tremendous bang and the wall just disappeared in front of us leaving a lorry there," she explained.

"Then the driver hopped down and walked into the kitchen as if nothing was wrong.

"He seemed a bit dazed but asked if he could have a coffee to steady his nerves.

"At that point some bricks fell out of the wall on to his head and knocked him out cold which was lucky for him. He wouldn't have got off so lightly if I'd got my hands on him," she added.

The trucker was treated in hospital for bruising and shock, say police.